Therapy results

Cervical lordosis treatment  of a 40 years old lady      

5 and 10 occasions  

"The first time it was easier to tilt my head back. After the 3rd time, when viewed from the front in the mirror, the curve disappeared from my neck, it became normal , and each time in the back you could feel that it was getting looser, the hardening was dissipating, and it was much easier to straighten my body.  I am able to keep my neck straight, I have to warn myself about my posture less often. 

Kind regards, 


Cervical lordosis treatment of a 45 years old lady

5 occasions

"I arrived for the first treatment with severe neck, shoulder and arm pain. 

The problem could have been caused by my teenage Scheuermann's disease and my cervical herniation that developed 7 years ago. Every winter, the inflammations return, which are activated due to various stress effects (cold, lack of exercise or unilateral overload, psychological stress). 

I received 5 treatments, 2 times a week. 

After each treatment, the actual area, such as the neck, shoulder or shoulder blade, middle of the back... improved almost immediately, the muscle tension decreased along with the pain level, and the muscle knots started to disappear. The range of motion of the arm, neck, and shoulder increased significantly, which was also noticeable during the CSET Therapy. 

The pain at night is almost completely gone. I stopped taking the painkiller for 2-3 days, then started taking it again, but only a quarter of it. 

Physiotherapy exercises are often completely painless, and my back muscles can exert force. The range of motion of the neck, shoulder, and scapula suddenly and significantly improved with the reduction of pain. 

I dare and can sit in front of the computer for hours."

Grateful thanks,

 Zsuzsi Boldizsár 

Treatment for back and arm motion range of a 96 years old lady 4 occasions

6 suitable neck-shoulder-back CSET treatments for a 85 years old lady.

Shoulder symmetry and posture were improved.  

6 occasions

A 70 years old lady arrived with lower back pain and she had difficulty leaning forward. She wrote this letter after 5 treatments:

Dear Csilla,

Thanks to the treatment, I did not fall out of work. I noticed a significant improvement right after the first treatment. walked more steadily and I could move and bend more boldly. Towards the end of the treatment, I felt as if I was pleasantly relaxed in the spa. It was similar to the relaxed and refreshed feeling one has after a massage .

With thanks and respect,

Maria Kelemen

( one fully recovered patient )

"I took part in a regenerating cure 5 times. I appreciate the impact and comment on this in a few points

Back and lower back pain decreased

I have to take painkillers less often

I can walk better and easier with my back straight

I use the pool belt less often

I go climb stairs more easily

I practice lifting movements with my right arm

Thank you very much for your work and help !

Batiz Zsuzsa"