About me



My name is Csilla Molnár. I got a degree in economics, and later on, I graduated from  Budapest Metropolitan University majoring in health tourism. I committed myself to the health promotion area 22 years ago and I was looking for the most effective way to maintain patient's health. I have learned techniques of different types of massage such as Lymphatic Trigger Japanese Thai Swedish Wellness and Hot stone types of massage, as well as Chiropractic, Mongolian medical massage treatments and oriental Health-preserving movement therapy. I became an instructor of the Yang family Taichi Quan and Qigong exercises and I attended the Medical collagen musculoskeletal pain relief training by the Italian company colled Guna Collagen Medical Devices.

I delved more and more into the mechanism of action regarding Eastern and Western methods, and I found that the treatments were effective, but painful, and the healing process was long. I decided to develop a faster and much more effective noninvasive treatment for musculoskeletal disease which does not cause pain and has no side effects. That's why I started to develop an immediatelly effective, therapy for patients which is comfortable and pleasant, too. My therapy is called CSET. The methodology is based on more than 12 years of work-experience. Unfortunately, fate was not merciful to me either, I struggled with 2 years of post-Covid musculoskeletal problems which were stagnating. The solution to getting better was the application of the CSET treatment which I tested on myself step by step and it delivered the solution. Without this method I could not have continued my work and help young and elderly people again.