Brings ease to movement

CSET Musculouskeletal Pain Relief Therapy in high level    

The CSET™ Musculouskeletal Analgesic Therapy is based on physiotherapy. We perform a comfortable treatment with a specially formed metal electrode while applying a technique with a new methodology. It reduces pain and inflammation increases muscle strength and range of motion.

Areas of application:

Rheumatology, orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, disease prevention.

  • Rehabilitation after sports injuries, muscle sprains or operations;
  • In case of lumbago or herniated disc
  • For general health improvement.

Goals of treatment:

  • Accelerating the restoration of impaired tissue function operation
  • Improving the mechanical function of damaged tissues
  • Healthcare providers can apply this therapy 
  • Improving the function of nerve and muscle reflex zones
  • Promoting tissue detoxification
  • Improving musculoskeletal condition without side effects
  • Facilitating recovery and going back to work as soon as possible
  • Improving the blood circulation in muscles and joints

The uniqueness of the CSET technique

We perform the treatment with a specially formed metal electrode while applying a technique I have developed in the past ten years.

Effects of treatment:

  • By reducing the tension of connective tissue muscles and nerves motoric functions are getting better
  • It improves the movements of joints
  • At the points of the treatment cellular metabolic processes are accelerated. That causes faster blood circulation and the detoxification of the body part gets more efficient.
  • Pain is reduced immediately.

Side effects: rarely occuring muscle soreness or bruises.

Another recommendation: after treatments you should drink plenty of still water to help the tissue detoxification

Advantages of the treatment:

  • While a traditional TENS device only relieves pain, this technique  treats the cause of the pain
  • The advantage over ultrasound treatment is that it does not heat up the tissues during its execution
  • Compared to soft laser treatment, the advantage is that daily use is not necessary - as 1 or 2 treatments per week are sufficient - depending on the individual's constitution and problem
  • No need for personal touch, contactless
  • Short active treatment time of 20 minutes
  • Immediate pain-relieving effect
  • Suitable for occasional therapy
  • Highly effective, it can be well combined with other therapies, e.g. injection treatments, mud wraps, therapeutic massage, spa and (medical) gymnastics, acupuncture. Based on experience, the combination of these treatments leads to a faster recovery.


  • Inflamed, varicose veins
  • After serious trauma, injury
  • On a tumor affected part of the body
  • In case of skin disease on inflamed skin;
  • In case of serious haemophilia;
  • In case of electrical or metal implants e. g. pacemaker, defibrillator or insulin pump.